when i was 6 years old i was being babysat by some girls down the street and they were talking about their friend who got pregnant and I was like “what’s pregnant” and they were like “it means fat” so when i got in the car with my dad to go home i was like “dad, i’m pregnant” and he hit he breaks and looked at me so mortified for about 5 minutes and then said “rin you’re fucking six years old” and then kept driving

I just laughed so hard

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real talk the first place id hit up during the purge is the pet store u gonna see me on the street with 50 puppies on leashes

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Okay this white dude had a black girlfriend and they were walking by me and the dude said, “you know what babe, realtors are so lazy when it comes to financing” and she literally replied with, “why do you have to talk about the most boring shit, Steve”.

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I mean sure

I mean sure

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"I am
horribly jealous
of anyone who gets
the pleasure of seeing you happy.
That’s all
I ever wanted."

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